Help Guide

Type 4: Wired network setup

Enter the respective alphanumeric values for your router if necessary. The items that need to be set (e.g. IP Address, Subnet Mask, DHCP) may differ depending on the Internet service provider or router. For details, refer to the instruction manuals provided by your Internet service provider, or those supplied with the router.

  1. Press HOME Select [Preferences] [Setup] [Network] [Network Setup].
  2. IP Address setting/Proxy server:
    • automatic setting:
      [Set up network connection] [Easy]
    • manual setting:
      [Set up network connection] [Expert] [Wired Setup] or [Wireless Setup]
  3. Follow the instructions on the setup screen.

[Network Setup] can also be set from [Auto Startup] menu.

  • Allows automatic configuration of your wired/wireless network.
    • When connecting with LAN cable: Wired
    • When connecting with built-in Wireless LAN: Wireless
    • When connecting with both of the cables: Wired
  • Set to [Easy], sets the IP address automatically. For proxy server is not use.
  • To use the network with IPv6, select [Preferences] [Setup] [Network] [IPv6/IPv4 Priority] [IPv6], then select [Easy] in [Set up network connection].
  • When IPv6 is selected, HTTP Proxy cannot be set.