Help Guide

Privacy Policy

When you use the following functions to connect to the Internet, certain information will be sent to Sony Corporation global servers, which is considered to be personal information, and requires your agreement in order for service providers to use it.

  • System software updates by connecting to Sony Corporation global servers via the Internet.
  • Internet content or other Internet services from service providers like YouTube.

This TV has the setting screens in auto startup sequence or [Setup] menu to confirm your agreement to this after you read the detail of the Privacy Policy. If you want to use these functions, please check [Enable Smart TV] in each setting screen. If [Disable Smart TV] is checked, the above two functions are not available.

However, even in this case, if [On] is selected at [Automatic Software Download] in auto startup sequence or [Customer Support] menu, the system software updating is available.

You can change this setting by pressing HOME, then select [Preferences] [Setup] [Privacy Policy].