Installing apps from the Google Play Store

You can install apps from the Google Play Store to the TV, just like you do with smartphones and tablets.


  • You can only install apps that are compatible with TVs. They may differ from apps for smartphones/tablets.
  • An Internet connection and Google Account are required to install apps from the Google Play Store.


  • If you do not have a Google Account or want to create a shared account, create a new account by accessing the following website.
    The website above may vary depending on your region/country. It is also subject to change without notice. For details, refer to the Google homepage.
  • We recommend that you create a Google Account on a computer or mobile device.
  1. Press the HOME button, select [Apps] from the Home menu, and select [Google Play Store] from the apps list.
    If the supplied remote control has an APPS button, you can press the APPS button to display the apps list.
  2. Select an app to install.

After downloading, the app is automatically installed and added. You can select [Open] to launch the app.

About paid apps

There are free apps and paid apps in the Google Play Store. To purchase a paid app, a prepaid Google Play gift card code or credit card information is required. You can purchase a Google Play gift card from various retailers.

To delete an app

  1. Select the app you want to delete and press and hold the (Enter) button to uninstall the app.