Connecting a camera or camcorder and viewing stored content

To connect a camera or camcorder

Connect your Sony digital still camera or camcorder using an HDMI cable. Use a cable that has an HDMI mini jack (socket) for the digital still camera/camcorder end, and a standard HDMI jack (socket) for the TV end.

Illustration of the connection method

  1. Digital still camera
  2. Camcorder
  3. HDMI cable (not supplied)*
  • Be sure to use an authorised HIGH SPEED HDMI cable bearing the HDMI logo.

To view content stored on a digital still camera/camcorder

  1. After connecting the digital still camera/camcorder, turn it on.
  2. Press the Input select button repeatedly to select the connected digital still camera/camcorder.
  3. Start playback on the connected digital still camera/camcorder.

To check the supported file formats


  • If you connect a CEC-compatible device, you can operate it by simply using the TV’s remote control. Make sure that the device is CEC-compatible. Some devices may not be compatible with CEC even though they have an HDMI jack (socket).