The TV cannot connect to the Internet/Network.

If the wireless network does not connect or disconnects, try the following.

  • Press the 主選單 button and check that the following setting is enabled.
    [Settings] — [Network & Internet] — [Wi-Fi]
  • Check the installation location of the TV and wireless router. Signal condition may be affected by the following:
    • Other wireless devices, microwaves, fluorescent lights, etc., are placed nearby.
    • There are floors or walls between the wireless router and TV.
  • Turn the wireless router off and then on again.
  • If the network name (SSID) of the wireless router to which you want to connect is not displayed, select [Add new network] to enter a network name (SSID).

If the problem is not resolved even after the procedures above or if you cannot connect even with a wired network, check the status of the network connection.

Checking the status of the network connection

  1. Press the 主選單 button, then select [Settings] — [Network & Internet] — [Network status] — [Check Connection].
    Check your network connections and/or server’s instruction manual for connection information, or contact the person who set up the network (network administrator).


  • The solution varies depending on the network status check. For solutions based on each issue, see “Frequently Asked Questions” on the Sony Support Site.


  • If the LAN cable is connected to an active server and the TV has acquired an IP address, check your server’s connections and configurations.

    Press the 主選單 button, then select [Settings] — [Network & Internet] — [Network status].