Timers & Clock

In Timers & Clock, you can set the On timer, Sleep timer, Alarm, and Clock display.

Adding Timers & Clock to the input selection screen

  1. Press the (Input select) button.
    Available devices and apps are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Press the (Right) button on the remote control and select (Edit).
  3. Select Timers & Clock and press the Enter button.
    Timers & Clock is added.

To configure settings for Timers & Clock

  1. Press the (Input select) button on the remote control and select the following.
    (Timers & Clock icon) — the desired setting

Available options

[On timer]
Turns on the TV to the desired channel or input at a preset time.
[Sleep timer]
Turns off the TV after a preset time.
Plays a sound after a preset time.
[Clock display]
Displays the clock on the TV screen always or at every hour.


  • For models equipped with an OLED panel, constant display of the clock is not available to prevent image retention.