Adjusting the picture quality

You can configure various settings related to the TV display such as colour and brightness for picture quality, or screen size.


  • The actual display may vary or some settings may not be available depending on your model/country/region and the content you are watching.

Press the (Quick Settings) button on the remote control, then select [Settings] — [Display & Sound] — the desired option.

You can change the following settings.


Adjust the picture settings such as Brightness, Colour, and Hue.

You can set the following.
Picture mode
Change the picture quality according to the content you are watching such as movies or sports.
Reset picture settings for ***
Reset the picture settings for the current picture mode to the factory default.
Auto picture mode
Automatically selects the picture mode based on the content being viewed.
*** calibrated mode
Adjusts the picture to a quality close to that intended by the content creator when watching supported video streaming content and supported apps.
Light sensor
Optimises brightness according to ambient light.
Ambient light sensor
Automatically adjusts the brightness and colour of the picture based on the surrounding ambient light.
Actual display may not be available depending on your model/country/region.
Adjust the backlight to display the brightest whites and deepest blacks.
Adjust the colour saturation level and Hue.
Adjust the picture clarity and reduce roughness.
You can set the following.
Refines moving images. Increases the number of image frames to display videos smoothly. If you select [Custom], you can adjust [Smoothness] and [Clearness].
Film mode
Optimises picture quality based on video content, such as movies and computer graphics. Smoothly reproduces the motion of filmed images (images recorded at 24 frames per second) such as movies.
Video signal
You can set the following.
HDR mode
Picture that is suitable for a High Dynamic Range signal.
HDMI video range
Select the signal range for HDMI input.
Colour space
Change the colour reproduction range.
Adv. colour adjustment
You can set the following.
Adv. colour temperature: Basic
Finely adjust the colour temperature for each colour.
Adv. colour temperature: Multi point (***p)
Optimally preset at shipping. Use this setting for professional adjustment. When adjusting, we recommend using a colour analyser.
Per colour adjustment
Adjust Hue, Saturation, and Lightness for each colour.


Adjust the aspect ratio and viewable screen area.

Wide mode
Adjust the picture size.
4:3 default
Automatic sizing for 4:3 pictures.
Auto display area
Automatically adjusts the viewable screen area based on the signal.
Display area
Adjust the viewable screen area.
Screen position
Adjust the vertical and horizontal screen position.