Using the built-in MIC on the TV (only TVs with a built-in MIC)

The built-in MIC on the TV may not be available depending on your region/country/language.

For details about languages that support the built-in MIC on the TV feature, refer to the following Sony support website.
QR code for the Sony support website


  • The URL is subject to change without notice.

Do more on your TV using only your voice. Just start with “Ok Google” to:

  • Control your TV and smart home devices
  • Enjoy music and entertainment
  • Get answers
  • Plan your day and manage tasks

Face the TV and say, “Ok Google” to get started.

When the voice function LED blinks white, start speaking.
Illustration showing the location of the LED on the TV. In the order of A and B from the left.

  1. The voice function LED is located at the bottom just left of centre of the TV.
  2. The LED located at the bottom centre of the TV lights up amber when hands-free operation is available.

To use the built-in MIC, enable the following setting.

  1. Turn on the built-in MIC switch on the TV.
    For the location of the built-in MIC switch on the TV, refer to the Reference Guide/Setup Guide.


  • An Internet connection is required to use the built-in MIC on the TV.
  • After turning on the built-in MIC switch on the TV, you need to press the MIC/Google Assistant button on the remote control to complete the setup, depending on your model/country/region. (Only models with the built-in MIC switch)
  • Power consumption will increase when the built-in MIC is enabled as it is always listening.


  • When the built-in MIC switch on the TV is enabled, the Operational response LED lights up in amber even when the TV is turned off (you can also set it so it does not light up).
  • With the TV's built-in MIC enabled, you can say “Ok Google, Where is the remote control?” to the TV to play a buzzer from the remote control. This is useful when you cannot find the remote control. For details, refer to Finding the remote control (only models supplied with a buzzer built-in remote control).
  • The TV's built-in MIC may pick up sound from the surroundings and respond unintentionally. You can use [Built-in MIC sensitivity] to change the mic sensitivity.

    Press the (Quick Settings) button on the remote control, and select the following in order.
    [Settings] — [System] — [Built-in MIC sensitivity]