Using the programme guide

You can quickly find your preferred programmes.

Illustration of the TV screen with the program guide displayed

The functions available depend on your region/country/settings.

  1. Press the (Guide) button to display the digital programme guide.
  2. Select a programme to watch.

Using the [Favourites] feature

To add a channel to [Favourites], select (Favourites) in the programme guide. If you select (Favourites) in the [Guide] column that is displayed by repeatedly pressing the (Left) button on the remote control, the channels registered in [Favourites] and your [Most watched] will be displayed in the programme guide.


  • (TV box control compatible models only) If you perform the [TV box control setup] setting in [TV box setup] under [External inputs], you can display the programme guide of the TV box.
  • You can change the channels displayed in the programme guide by using [Guide], which is displayed by pressing the (Left) button on the remote control several times.
  • With [Display interval], you can change the time axis displayed in the programme guide from two hours to four hours. You can set [Display interval] from [Settings] in the [Guide] column on the left side of the programme guide.