1. Press the (Quick Settings) button on the remote control, then select [Settings] — [System] — the desired option.


  • Depending on the settings of the TV, some options may not be displayed or available.

Available options

Configures the settings of accessibility features and services for helping users navigate their devices more easily.
Displays information about the TV.
Here, you can reset your TV
[Date & Time]
Configures the current time and auto clock display.
Selects the menu language. The selected menu language will also set the voice recognition language.
Configures the settings of the on-screen keyboard.
Changes the settings related to data storage.
[Ambient mode]
Configures what is displayed on the screen when the TV is not operated after a certain amount of time while displaying content other than broadcasts and videos.
[Power & Energy]
Configures the settings related to saving energy and the startup TV screen.
Configures the operation permissions when casting from an external device.
Restarts the TV.
[Parental controls]
Configures the parental lock settings for restricting usage of items such as [Channels & External inputs], [Apps] and [Screen time].
Sets your location to receive region-specific information. (This option may not be available depending on your region/country.)
[LED indicator]
Configures the [Operational response] and [Voice detection status]* settings. (The displayed menu varies depending on the model.)
Configures the [System sounds] setting.
[Apple AirPlay & HomeKit]
Configures the settings for Apple AirPlay & HomeKit.
[Picture adjustments lock]
Locks the picture adjustments to prevent them from being changed. (This option may not be available depending on your region/country.)
[Initial setup]
Sets up the basic features such as network and channels for first time use.
[Retail mode settings]
Enriches the display for shop front use by setting [Demo mode], etc.

* Only TVs with a built-in MIC