Adjusting the picture/sound quality automatically

The picture and sound quality can be automatically adjusted according to the TV's installation environment.


  • Depending on the model, what you are watching, the TV settings, and connected devices, the actual screen may differ or some settings may not be available.

Press the (Quick Settings) button on the remote control, then select the following settings.
[Settings] — [Display & Sound] — [Ambient Optimization Pro]

You can change the following settings.

Auto adjust according to sensors

You can set the following.

Auto adjust according to ambient light
Optimizes picture brightness automatically by sensing the luminance of ambient light.
Auto adjust according to viewing position
Optimizes picture and sound according to the viewing position detected by the camera.

Auto adjust according to installation environment

You can set the following.

Acoustic auto calibration
Adjust audio output based on your viewing environment.
For details, refer to Performing acoustic auto calibration.