Selecting inputs

To use devices (such as a Blu-ray/DVD player or USB flash drive) connected to the TV, or to watch TV after such use, you will need to switch the input.

If you edit the items and add apps, you will be able to switch to those apps in the input selection screen.

  1. Press the (Input) button repeatedly to select the connected device.
    Alternatively, press the (Input) button, use the (Left) / (Right) buttons to select a connected device, and then press the (Enter) button.


  • If there are no devices connected to an HDMI input, the HDMI input may not be displayed in the [Input].

To edit the input items

  1. Press the (Input) button.
  2. Press the (Right) button and select (Edit).
  3. Select the app/input/device you want to show or hide.
  4. Select [Close].


  • To change the order or hide a displayed item, press the (Up) button on the remote control with that item highlighted, and [Move] and [Hide] will be displayed. If you select [Move], use (Left) / (Right) on the remote control to move the item to the desired position, and then press the (Enter) button on the remote control.
  • You can switch to TV broadcasting by simply pressing the TV button on the remote control.