Video game consoles


Connect an HDMI-supported video game console to your TV with an HDMI cable.
To connect an audio amp or sound bar at the same time, refer to HDMI connection (eARC supported) in Connecting an audio system.

Illustration of connection methods
  1. Video game console
  2. HDMI cable (sold separately)


  • A Premium High Speed HDMI Cable(s) is fine for general purposes, but if you want to connect a video game console that supports 4K 120Hz, use the HDMI cable included with the game console, or an Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable.
  • The type and position of the HDMI port differs depending on your TV. Refer to the documentation provided with the TV.

Changing HDMI input settings

After connecting, set the connected HDMI input port.
To maximize the performance of your TV and video game console, set the [HDMI signal format/VRR].

Auto setup

  1. With the video game console turned on, connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable.
    Set by following the instructions on the TV screen.

Manual setup

  1. Press the (Quick Settings) button on the remote control, and select the following in order.
    [Settings] — [Channels & Inputs] — [External inputs] — [HDMI signal format/VRR]

    Select the optimal format for your video game console.


  • If you connect a video game console that supports 4K 120 Hz video output, set to [Enhanced format (4K120)].
  • If you connect a video game console that supports VRR, enable [VRR].


  • When connecting a video game console that supports 4K 120Hz and VRR, check the label of the HDMI input ports on the TV and connect to the HDMI input port that is labeled 4K 120Hz or 4K 120Hz 8K, or connect to the HDMI input port that is displayed as [VRR] for [HDMI signal format].
    The available [HDMI signal format] depends on the model. Some HDMI formats may also not be supported depending on the model/region/country.
  • If [VRR] is enabled, slight brightness fluctuations (flicker) may occur on the TV screen depending on the frequency of the content output from the connected video game console.
  • To use the VRR feature, you may need to update the TV's software.

Game Menu

Pressing the MENU button displays a special menu for video games at the bottom of the screen.

Illustration of the game menu


  • Depending on the connected video game console, the [Content type] may automatically change to [Game]. If [Game] is not selected automatically, set it manually.


  • The available options may vary.
  • Unsupported options are grayed out (not available).