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About Online Support Website

The online support website provides information concerning your VAIO computer, as well as a selection of frequently asked questions.

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  • If you experience any problem or have a technical question about your VAIO computer, launch VAIO Care first, which offers you various options to help you solve the problem. See Keeping Your VAIO Computer in Optimum Condition (VAIO Care) for more information.

  • When you contact VAIO support, you may be asked for the serial number and the model number of your VAIO computer. The serial number is a 15-digit number that can be found:

    • in the VAIO Care window;

    • on the bottom, on the back panel of the computer, inside the back panel or inside the battery compartment;

    • on the original VAIO box.

    The model number is located at the lower right corner of the display on the VAIO computer.

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  • You can find a link to register your computer online in VAIO Care. To start VAIO Care, see Starting Apps.