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What should I do if my VAIO computer becomes unstable (Windows does not start)?

  • Try the suggestions below:

  • Use VAIO Hardware Diagnostics to identify problems on your VAIO computer.

    • With the app, you can check if the computer hardware (a CPU, a memory module, and a built-in storage device) needs to be replaced.

      To start VAIO Hardware Diagnostics, select Tools and VAIO Hardware Diagnostics in VAIO Care (Rescue Mode): VAIO recovery solutions.

  • Follow the instructions in Recovering from the Recovery Area to recover your VAIO computer.

    • If you have not backed up your data, be sure to make a backup copy of your valuable data using VAIO Care (Rescue Mode): VAIO recovery solutions before recovering your VAIO computer. See Backing Up Your Data when You cannot Start Windows for more information.

      If you have a backup created with the Windows backup feature before your VAIO computer becomes unstable, but you have created or changed the file after that, back up such a file with VAIO Care (Rescue Mode): VAIO recovery solutions.


    • Recovering your VAIO computer will delete all the data on the built-in storage device.