Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-AZ1/RM-LVR2V

Live-View Remote Display (Single Connection)

The following describes the icons displayed on the LCD screen of the remote control in the single connection.

Clock display

1 Button hold indicator

2 GPS/Airplane Mode

  • The icon of the airplane mode will be displayed when the airplane mode is set to ON. The GPS icon will be displayed when the airplane mode is set to OFF.
  • The GPS icon changes depending on whether GPS is ON/OFF or depending on the strength of GPS signal reception.

3 Battery level indicator of the remote control

  • The further right the indicator goes to, the lower the battery level is.

4 Clock display

Live-View display

5 Shooting mode display

6 Battery level indicator

7 Memory card warning indicator/Rising temperature icon

  • When is indicated, stop recording the movie.
  • If the camera stops recording due to the temperature, leave it for several minutes with the power turned off. Start recording after the temperature inside the camera drops fully.

8 Shooting mode switching indicator

9 REC icon

is displayed during movie recording, is displayed during photo recording, and is displayed during interval photo recording.