Digital Media PlayerNW-A25/A25HN/A26HN/A27HN

Playing music

Play music transferred to your Walkman.

  1. From the Home menu, select [Music].
  2. Select the desired search method and items until a song list appears, and then select the desired song.
    Playback starts and the music playback screen is displayed. To pause playback, press the button ().


  • If there is no operation for an extended period while paused, your Walkman will be turned off automatically. In this case, turn on the power before performing step 1 above.
  • Depending on the way of transferring songs to your Walkman, songs might be played in different order from the song order on your computer. When you specify a song order other than that on your Walkman, edit the playlists with a function of Media Go or iTunes, and then transfer them to your Walkman.