Digital Music PlayerNWZ-B183/B183F

Parts and controls

This section explains the functions of buttons, jacks, and other parts of your Walkman.

  1. Headphone jack

    Insert the headphone plug until it clicks into place. Sound will be impaired if the headphones are not connected properly.

  2. RESET button

    Press the RESET button with a pen or paper clip, etc. to reset your Walkman. While the Walkman is connected to the computer via USB, you cannot reset the Walkman.

  3. VOL + (*1)/– buttons

    Press to adjust the volume.

  4. BACK/HOME button

    Press to go up one list screen level or to return to the previous menu. Press and hold to display the Home menu.

  5. Display
  6. (*1) button

    Executes the desired items. Starts/pauses music playback, or pauses/restarts recording.

  7. / button

    Press to select a menu item, start fast-rewinds/forwards during playback, or preset an FM station.

  8. USB cap

    Before you connect your Walkman to your computer, remove the USB cap.

  9. USB connector
  10. Strap holes

    Use to attach a strap (not supplied).

  11. HOLD switch

    Disables the operation buttons to avoid accidental operation while carrying your Walkman.

(*1) There is a tactile dot to help with button operations.