Digital Still CameraDSC-W830


  • The battery level is low. Charge the battery pack immediately. Depending on the conditions of use or the type of battery pack, the indicator may flash even though there are still 5 minutes to 10 minutes of remaining battery time left.

System error. Turn on the device again.

  • Turn the power off and then on again.

Internal memory error

  • Turn the power off and then on again.

Reinsert the memory card that you were using.

  • The inserted memory card cannot be used in the camera.
  • The terminal section of the memory card is dirty.
  • The memory card is damaged.

Incompatible type of memory card.

  • The inserted memory card cannot be used in the camera.

Buffer overflow. Writing to the media was not completed in time.

  • If you use a memory card that has been recorded and erased repeatedly, or that was formatted on a different camera, the data writing speed may be too slow. First back up any data on the card to a computer, and then reformat the card before using it.
  • The writing speed of the memory card you are using is not sufficient for movie recordings. Use one of the memory cards listed below.
    • Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark2) media, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media, Memory Stick media. Memory Stick XC-HG Duo media or Memory Stick Micro (Mark2) media.
    • SD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card, microSD memory card or microSDHC memory card (Class 4 or faster).

Cannot recognize the internal memory. Format and use again.

Cannot recognize this memory card. Format and use again.

  • Format the media again.

The memory card is locked. Check the tab.

  • You are using the memory card with the write-protect switch, and the switch is set to the LOCK position. Set the switch to the recording position.

This is a read- only memory card.

  • The camera cannot record or delete images on this memory card.

No images

  • No images that can be played back have been recorded in internal memory.
  • No images that can be played back have been recorded in this folder of the memory card.

No still images

  • The selected folder or date does not contain a file that can be played back in a slideshow.

File found which was not recognized

  • You tried to delete a folder containing a file that cannot be played on this camera. Delete the file on a computer and then delete the folder.

Folder error. Cannot record to the selected folder. Please select a different folder.

  • A folder with the same first three digit number already exists on the memory card (for example:123MSDCF and 123ABCDE). Select another folder, or create a new folder .

Cannot create more folders

  • A folder with a name beginning with "999" exists on the memory card. You cannot create any folders if this is the case.

Folder protected

  • You tried to delete a folder that is protected as read-only on a computer.

Cannot display file

  • An error occurred while the image was playing back. No guarantees are made for playing back, on this camera, files containing images which were processed on a computer or images which were shot using other cameras.

Read only folder

  • You have selected a folder that cannot be set as a recording folder on the camera. Select another folder.

File protected

  • Release the protection.

Image size over limit

  • You are playing back an image with size that cannot be played back on the camera.

Unable to detect face for retouch

  • You may not be able to retouch the image depending on the image.

(Vibration warning indicator)

  • Camera shake may occur due to insufficient light. Use flash, turn on the anti-blur function, or mount the camera on a tripod to secure the camera.

1280x720 (Fine) is not supported with this memory card.

1280x720 (Standard) is not supported with this memory card.

  • For recording movies, it is recommended that you use a memory card of 1 GB or larger.

Turn the power off and on again

  • The lens malfunction.

Maximum number of images already selected.

  • Up to 100 files can be selected when using [Multiple Images].
  • You can add (Print order) marks to up to 999 files.

Error Playing Music

  • Delete the Music file, or replace it with a normal Music file.
  • Execute [Empty Music], then download a new Music file.

Error Formatting Music

  • Execute [Empty Music].

Operation cannot be executed in Easy Viewing mode.

  • Processing and other editing functions of the camera cannot be performed on image files that have been processed using a computer or images that were recorded with other cameras.

  • The number of images exceeds that for which date management in a database file by the camera is possible. To register additional images in the Image Database File, delete images in [Date View].

  • It is not possible to record to the camera's Image Database File or play back using [Date View]. Use PlayMemories Home to back up all images to a computer and use it to restore the memory card.

Image Database File error Cannot recover

  • Import all images to the computer using PlayMemories Home, and format the memory card.

    To view the images again with the camera, export the imported images to the camera with PlayMemories Home.

Recording function unavailable due to high internal temperature.

  • The camera temperature has risen. You cannot record images until the temperature has gone down.

Recording has stopped due to increased camera temperature.

  • Recording has stopped due to a rise in temperature while recording a movie. Please wait until the temperature goes down.

  • When you record movies for a long time, the camera temperature rises. In this case, stop recording movies.