IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Selecting the memory

You can switch the memory between the built-in memory and a memory card using the folder selection window.
  1. Press iG030 (folder).
    The folder selection window is displayed.
  2. Press , and then press or to select the or tab.
    (Built-in memory) or (memory card) tab will appear when you insert a memory card into the IC recorder.
  3. Press .
    The memory selection window is displayed.
  4. Press or to select “Built-In Memory” or “Memory Card,” and then press .

    The tab icon is changed to those of the selected memory, or .
  5. Press souni_stopSTOP to return to the stop mode display.


  • You can switch the memory using the menu. Select MENU - the tab - “Select Memory” to switch the memory.
  • If the memory card has not been formatted, switch the memory using the “Select Memory” menu, and then select MENU - the tab - “Format” to format the memory card.