Location and function of parts

  1. right unit
  2. Arc supporters
  3. left unit
  4. L mark
  5. Tactile dot
    The left unit has a tactile dot.
  6. Earbuds
  7. N-mark
  8. Built-in antenna
    A BLUETOOTH antenna is built into the headset.
  9. Micro-USB port
    Connect a computer to this port with the supplied micro-USB cable to charge the headset.
  10. Microphone
    Picks up the sound of your voice when talking on the phone.
  11. Multi-function button
    // button
  12. +/-// buttons
  13. Indicator (blue/red)
    Lights up in red during charging.
    Lights up in red or blue to indicate the power or communication status of the headset.
  14. R mark