Controlling the audio device (BLUETOOTH connection)

If the BLUETOOTH device supports AVRCP, you can control it by the headset. The functions available may vary depending on the BLUETOOTH device. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your BLUETOOTH device.

Each button has the following function:

  • Press once during pause to start playback.
  • Press once during playback to pause.
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds during playback to stop.
  • Slide once to skip to the beginning of the next track/beginning of the previous (or current) track.
  • Slide and hold to fast-reverse/fast-forward.
  • Press the + or - button to adjust the volume.


  • If the communication condition is poor, the BLUETOOTH device may react incorrectly to the operation on the headset.
  • The available functions may vary depending on the BLUETOOTH device. When you operate as illustrated above, it may operate differently or may not work at all.