Portable Wireless ServerWG-C20

Notes on the SD card

See SD memory cards for SD cards that can be used with this unit.

  • Do not remove the SD card while data is being read or saved.
  • Data can be destroyed in the following situations.

    • While reading or saving data, if the SD card is removed, or if this device’s power is turned off
    • When used in a place affected by static electricity or electrical noise
  • It is recommended that you make a back-up of important data.
  • Do not touch terminal with your hand or any metal object.
  • Do not strike, bend, drop or wet this card.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble or convert this card.
  • Do not use or store this card in the following locations:

    • Where the range of recommended operating conditions is exceeded. (Inside a closed car in summer or in strong sunshine/in direct sunlight/near a heater, etc.)
    • Humid or corrosive locations.
  • Check the correct insertion direction before using. Incorrect use can damage the device.
  • When inserting the SD card, if you use too much force, you can damage the SD card or this device.
  • You cannot read or record data that requires copyright protection technology.
  • The file system’s design limits the file size which can be saved to or played from an SD memory card and SDHC memory card. Each file must be less than 4 GB.