Portable Wireless ServerWG-C20

How to use

Read this first

Read this first

Product overview

What you can do with this unit

Parts and controls

Getting started

Included items

Charging this unit

Turning the power on/off

Setting up an NFC-enabled smartphone

Setting up a smartphone/tablet

Downloading this Help Guide

Setting up a computer

Internet connection via wireless LAN

Preparing an SD card

Preparing a USB device

How to use File Manager

Home screen

Searching for a file


Operating files/folders

Sharing files by SNS, etc.

Allowing guests to view files

Connecting this unit and an Android device that used a Sony USB flash drive SA series last time

Checking the information of this unit and File Manager

Setting this unit

How to use with a computer

Connecting via wireless LAN in owner mode

Connecting via wireless LAN in guest mode

Changing various settings of this unit via wireless LAN

Accessing files/folders in this unit via wireless LAN

Connecting via USB

How to use DLNA

How to use DLNA

Feeding power

Feeding power to other devices

LED status indications

LED status indications





Compatible device



SD memory cards

USB device (data copy/power feeding compatible)

USB AC adaptor (for charging the unit)