Portable Wireless ServerWG-C20

Changing the settings of this unit from your computer via a browser (General)

You can change the device name of this unit, or the language used on web screens, etc., from your computer.

For details on how to connect via wireless LAN, see "Connecting via wireless LAN."


  • You cannot change settings in guest mode.
  1. Connect this unit and a computer using wireless LAN directly.
  2. Enter the following address in the address bar of the web browser to access the setting screen of this unit.

    Windows: Internet Explorer, Mac: Safari

  3. Click [General].


    You can change the device name.


    You can change the language used on the screen.


    You can set whether or not this unit is used as a DLNA server.(*)

    * If this item does not appear, initialization of this unit using File Manager is required. For details, see "Starting File Manager ."


    You can set whether or not to use the One-touch functions (NFC)