The remote control does not operate.

Check if the TV is working properly

  • Press the power button on the TV to determine if the problem is with the remote control or not. For the location of the power button, refer to the Reference Guide supplied with the TV.
  • If the TV is not working, try resetting it. If a full reset (restart) of the TV is required

Check if the remote control is working properly

  • Point the remote control at the remote control sensor located at the front of the TV.
  • Keep the remote control sensor area clear from obstacles.
  • Fluorescent light can interfere with remote control operation; try turning off any fluorescent light.
  • Check that the orientation of each battery matches the positive (+) and negative (−) symbols in the battery compartment.
  • Battery power may be low. Remove the remote control cover and replace the batteries with new ones.
Illustration of how to remove the remote control cover
Illustration of how to replace the batteries

Reset the remote control

If the remote control does not operate correctly due to poor battery contact or static electricity, the problem may be resolved by resetting the remote control.

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote control.
  2. Press the power button on the remote control for three seconds.
  3. Install new batteries into the remote control.

If the problem persists, refer to the If a full reset (restart) of the TV is required page.


  • When you unplug the TV and plug it in again, the TV may not be able to turn on for a while, even if you press the power button on the remote control or the TV. This is because it takes time to initialise the system. Wait for about 10 to 20 seconds, then try again.
  • When you cannot search using your voice, activate the Microphone button by pressing the HOME button and selecting [Settings] — [Remotes & Accessories] — [Remote control] — [Connect via Bluetooth].