Remote control buttons

The supplied remote control, button layout, button names and available features vary depending on your model/country/region.

Click a button on the image of the remote control to display a description.

Turns on or switches to standby/networked standby mode.
Switch to a TV channel or input and display the TV menu. For details, refer to Using the TV menu page.
Speak into here to use the microphone in the remote control. There is an LED above the microphone.
(Quick Settings)
Display Quick Settings. For details, refer to Using the Quick Settings page.


(Input select)
Display and select the input source, etc. For details, refer to Selecting inputs page.
Access functions from the onscreen menu.
(Up) / (Down) / (Left) / (Right) / (Enter) (Navigation D-Pad)
On screen menu navigation and selection.
Return to the previous screen.
Display the TV Home Menu. For details, refer to Home menu page.
+/- (Volume)
Adjust the volume.
(Google Assistant/Microphone)
Ask Google for a little help on the big screen. Press the Google Assistant (or MIC) button on the remote to get started.
For details, refer to Using the remote control microphone page.
Google Assistant is not available in certain languages/countries/regions.
Mute the sound. Press again to restore the sound.


  • The accessibility shortcut service can be turned on or off by pressing and holding (Mute) for 3 seconds.
CH +/- (Channel)
Select the channel.
Display Dashboard.
(Play) / (Pause)
Operate media contents on the TV and connected BRAVIA Sync-compatible device.
Display the digital programme guide of the TV or TV box (TV box control compatible models only). For details, refer to Using the programme guide page.
App buttons (Online service)
Enjoy various streaming services by the single press of a button.