Digital Media PlayerNW-A25/A25HN/A26HN/A27HN

Noise is generated.

  • When the noise canceling function is on, you may hear more noise if you are listening in a quiet place or because of the type of noise in that location. If this occurs, turn the noise canceling function off.
  • The sound pressure sensitivity of the noise canceling headphones that are compatible with your Walkman is set to the highest level to obtain the maximum noise canceling effects when the headphones are used in places where there is a lot of noise, such as outside or on trains and you may therefore hear more noise when using the headphones in a quiet location or because of the type of noise in that location. In this case we recommend turning the noise canceling function off, although there are cases in which noise can be heard irrespective of whether this function is turned on or off.
  • If using your Walkman near a device that emits radio waves such as a mobile phone, move the Walkman away from the device.
  • The content such as music on your Walkman may be corrupted. Connect the Walkman to a Windows computer and use Media Go or Windows Explorer to delete the content in which the noise occurred from the Walkman. If you use a Mac computer, use the Finder to delete the corrupted content. After you have deleted the corrupted content, transfer the content from the computer to the Walkman again. Do not perform any other tasks on the computer while transferring content to the Walkman. Doing so may cause the content to be corrupted.
  • If the plug is dirty, wipe it clean with a soft, dry cloth.
  • If your Walkman is connected to a Bluetooth audio device, check the connection status.