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Listening to sound using a Bluetooth audio device

Once paired and connected, you can listen to sound from your Walkman wirelessly through the Bluetooth audio device.

  1. Confirm that the Bluetooth connection between the Bluetooth audio device and your Walkman is active.

    is displayed in the information area of your Walkman.

  2. Play music on your Walkman.


  • You can change the setting so that the Bluetooth audio device is automatically connected when you turn on your Walkman.
  • The following operations are available with some Bluetooth audio devices. The available operations vary depending on the Bluetooth audio device you use.
    • Play/Pause
    • Fast forward/rewind
    • Go to the beginning of the next song
    • Go to the beginning of the current song
    • Skip to the previous/next folder
    • Adjust the volume

    Your Walkman may not operate depending on the connection status.


  • Sound is not emitted from the following devices while connecting via a Bluetooth connection.
    • Headphones connected to the headphone jack
    • Operation sounds set to on
    • Speakers or USB digital output devices connected to the WM-PORT jack
  • You cannot listen to FM radio while connecting via a Bluetooth connection. Use the headphones to listen to FM radio.
  • Sound may skip depending on the usage environment or the settings. Take the following measures to reduce sound skipping.
    • Place your Walkman and the Bluetooth audio device close together.
    • Set [Wireless Playback Quality] to [Standard] or [Prioritize Connection].