Location and function of parts

  1. Left hanger

    Attach the left hanger to the left side of the headphones.

  2. Right hanger

    Attach the right hanger to the right side of the headphones.

  3. L mark
  4. R mark
  5. N-Mark
  6. Tactile dot

    The left hanger has a tactile dot.

  7. Built-in antenna

    A BLUETOOTH antenna is built into the headset.

  8. Microphone

    Picks up the sound of your voice when talking on the phone.

  9. +/-/ / buttons
  10. Indicator (blue/red)

    Lights up in red during charging.

    Lights up in red or blue to indicate the power or communication status of the headset.

  11. Multi-function button

    / (power) / button

  12. Micro-USB port

    Connect a computer to this port with the supplied micro-USB cable to charge the headset.