Attaching the headphones (sold separately)

You must attach headphones to the audio receiver. XBA-300AP headphones are used for illustrative purposes.

  1. Remove the headphones from the cables.

  2. Attach the hanger to the left side of the headphones and the hanger to the right side of the headphones.

    There are / marks inside the neckband.

    The hanger of the audio receiver has a tactile dot.

    Insert straightly.

To remove the headphones

Pull out straightly.


  • Turn off the audio receiver when attaching/removing the headphones.
  • If you pull the cord directly, it may break. Grasp the base of the hanger and pull it straight.
  • Do not try to turn the base of the hanger. Doing so may damage the audio receiver.
  • Do not pull at an angle when removing the cord. Doing so may make removal difficult.