On safety

  • Refer to the Reference Guide supplied with the speaker.

  • Important information such as the model name is located inside of the cap on the rear side of the unit.

On placement

  • Do not set the speaker in an inclined position.

  • Do not leave the unit in a place subject to high temperatures, such as direct sunlight, near a heat source or under lighting equipment.

  • Do not use or leave the speaker in a car.

  • Do not leave any objects susceptible to magnetism (cash cards, credit cards with magnetic coding, etc.) near the unit.

On operation

  • Do not insert any small objects, etc., into the jacks or ventilation hole on the rear of the speaker. The speaker may short out or malfunction.

  • When the light is strong, brighten the room or turn off the lighting.


  • If you have any questions or problems concerning the speaker that are not covered in this Help Guide, consult your nearest Sony dealer.