Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder/Digital HD Video Camera RecorderFDR-X1000V/HDR-AS200V

List of setting items

List of modes

  • LOOP: Loop recording mode
  • MOVIE: Movie mode
  • PHOTO: Photo mode
  • INTVL: Interval photo recording mode
  • LIVE: Live streaming mode
  • SETUP: Setup mode
  • PLAY: Play mode
  • PwOFF: Power off

Items you can set in SETUP (Setup mode)

  • VMODE: Image quality setting
  • V.FMT: Movie format
  • STEDY: SteadyShot
  • AUDIO: Audio recording
  • WIND: Wind noise reduction
  • COLOR: Color mode
  • L.OPT: Loop recording time
  • DRIVE: Still image mode switching
  • FPS: Still image shooting interval
  • SELF: Self-timer
  • ANGLE: Still image angle of view
  • LAPSE: Interval photo recording
  • FLIP: Flip
  • SCENE: Scene
  • WB: White balance
  • AESFT: AE shift
  • CONFG: Configuration settings

Items you can set in CONFG (Configuration Settings)

  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi connection
  • GPS: GPS log
  • PLANE: Airplane mode
  • MOUNT: Mount
  • TC/UB: Time Code/User Bit
  • IR-RC: IR-Remote Control
  • HDMI: HDMI settings
  • BGM: Back ground music
  • USBPw: USB Power Supply
  • A.OFF: Auto power off
  • BEEP: Beep
  • DATE: Date & time/area setting
  • DST: Daylight saving time (Summer time) setting
  • LANG: Language setting
  • V.SYS: Switching NTSC/PAL
  • VER.: Version
  • FORMT: Format
  • RESET: Resetting the settings