Cannot play selected content

  • The currently selected content cannot be played back, or skipped to the next one.
    • The content is not in a supported file format. Check supported file formats.

The device is not responding

  • The unit does not recognize the connected USB device.
    • Reconnect the USB device.
    • Check that the USB device is supported by the unit.

No playable content

  • The USB device has no playable data.
    • Load the supported data/files into the USB device.

Overcurrent caution on USB

  • The USB device is overloaded.
    • Disconnect the USB device.
    • The USB device has a fault, or an unsupported device is connected.

Connected USB device not supported

  • For details on the compatibility of your USB device, visit the support site.

USB hub not supported

  • USB hubs are not supported on this unit.