Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-CX330/CX330E/PJ330E/PJ340/PJ340E/PJ350/PJ350E

How to Use

Before use

Model Information

Parts and controls

Screen indicators

How to operate

Getting started

Checking the supplied items

Power source preparations

Initial setup

Preparing a memory card


Recording movies/photos

Useful functions for recording


Playing images using Event View

Playing images using Highlight Playback

Playing MP4 movies (HD movie) (switching the movie format)

Editing images from the playback screen

Using the built-in projector

Playing images on a high definition TV

Playing images on a non-high-definition TV

Saving images with an external device

Using the PlayMemories Home software

Saving images on an external media device

Creating a disc with a recorder

Using the Wi-Fi function

What you can do with the Wi-Fi function

Controlling via a smartphone

Transferring images to a smartphone

Transferring images to a computer

Transferring images to a TV

Connecting a smartphone

Installing PlayMemories Mobile

Menu operations

Using menu items

Shooting Mode


Image Quality/Size

Playback Function



Charging time/recording time of movies/number of recordable photos

Check the charging time

Expected recording and playback times for individual batteries

Expected movie recording time and number of recordable photos for the internal memory

Expected movie recording time and number of recordable photos for memory cards

Bit-rate for each recording mode

Pixels recorded at each image size of photos

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