Playing a USB device

  1. Press FUNCTION repeatedly to select [USB].
  2. Connect a USB device to the(USB) port on the system.
  3. Press(play) to start playback.

Other operations

Depending on the file, the function may not work.

To Do this
Stop playback Press(stop).
Pause playback Press(pause).
Resume playback or return to normal playback Press(play).
Cancel the resume point Press(stop) twice.
Select a file Press(previous) or(next) during playback.
Select a folder Press(folder) -/+ repeatedly.
Locate a point quickly in fast forward or fast reverse (Lock Search) Press(fast reverse) or(fast forward) during playback. Press(play) to resume playback.


  • You can use a USB adaptor (not supplied) to connect the USB device to the system if the USB device cannot be plugged into the(USB) port on the system.