Creating a party atmosphere (DJ Effect)

Use the controls on the system to perform this operation.

  1. Press the following button to select the effect type.
    • FLANGER: Creates a deep flanging effect that is similar to the roar of a jet plane.

    • ISOLATOR: Isolates a specific frequency band by adjusting the other frequency bands. For example, when you want to focus on vocals.

  2. Change the sound effect.

    Turn the VOLUME/DJ CONTROL knob on the system to adjust the effect level.

To turn off the effect
  • Press DJ OFF.

  • Press the selected effect button again.


  • The DJ Effect is automatically turned off when you:

    • turn off the system.

    • change the function.

    • activate or deactivate the Wireless Party Chain function.

    • change the sound field.

    • use the Vocal Fader.

    • change the key (Key Control).

  • If you activate the DJ Effect during transferring, the sound effect will not be transferred onto the USB device.

  • You cannot use VOLUME/DJ CONTROL knob on the system to adjust the volume when the DJ Effect is activated. Press VOL (volume) +/- on the remote control to adjust the volume.