Identifying the parts

  1. Camera mounting screw

  2. Flip button

    Flips around the mounted camera. For details, see “Adjusting the tilt angle.”

  3. Angle adjusting button

    Adjusts the angle of the grip. For details, see “Adjusting the tilt angle.”

  4. PHOTO button

  5. Indicator

  6. MOVIE button

  7. LOCK switch

    Disables the remote commander function to prevent unintentional camera operations.

  8. Zoom button

  9. C1 button

    Activates the function assigned to the C1 button on the camera. For details about the camera's settings, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your camera.

  10. Adjustment wheel

    Adjusts feel for changing the angle of the grip.

  11. Camera mounting wheel

  12. Battery chamber lid

About the built-in Bluetooth®antenna

This unit is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth antenna at the section shown in the following illustration. When you operate this unit, keep your hand away from the section to prevent a possible Bluetooth connection failure.