Notes on use

  • If the weight of the mounted camera exceeds the maximum weight limit of this unit (total weight of the mounted camera and accessories), the unit may fall over, resulting in damage.

  • Be sure to mount your camera securely to this unit. When you hold the unit for camera shooting, be sure to grasp it firmly as well.

    Failure to do so may cause dropping of the camera or unit, resulting in an accident or injury.

  • Do not swing this unit around while a camera is mounted on it.

  • Depending on the camera mounted on this unit, the camera's screen may bump into the grip head and stop while you are opening the screen. In such a case, do not attempt to further open the screen by force.

  • Before you adjust the tilt angle of the grip or the facing direction of the camera mounted on this unit, be sure to hold the camera or its lens with your hand.

  • When opening/closing the legs of this unit or adjusting the grip angle, keep your finger(s) out of the way to avoid the risk of being caught.

  • When using this unit as a tripod, spread its legs to full extent and place the unit on a flat surface. Depending on the tilt angle of the grip head or the mounted camera, the unit may lose its balance and wobble. Do not use the unit if it wobbles.

  • When you have attached an accessory to your camera and mounted the camera to this unit, check if the unit still stays in balance.

    Depending on the attached accessory, the camera may not fit for use with the unit.

  • Do not use this unit in a place subject to blowing wind or vibration to avoid the risk of falling over.

  • When using this unit in an aircraft or a hospital, follow the instructions from the airline company or the hospital to avoid possible interference with instruments or medical devices caused by radio waves from this unit.

Notes on the battery

  • Make sure that the battery is worn out before disposal. To dispose of the battery, insulate the battery contacts with an adhesive strip.

    If the battery fluid leaks, wipe away any fluid on the battery chamber before inserting a new battery.

    If the battery fluid comes in contact with your body or clothing, thoroughly rinse it away with water.

  • Depending on the length of the post production period, even a new battery may have a shorter life.