What you can do with the headset

Personal NC Optimizer tailors the noise-canceling performance perfectly for you

The headphones optimize the performance of noise canceling for you by analyzing the shape of your head and wearing style. The perfect personalized noise-canceling gives you the silence that you’ve never experienced.

Ambient Sound Mode opens your ears (*1)

Ambient Sound Mode allows you to hear the ambient sounds around you by using the built-in microphones, even as you listen to the music. There are two modes, Normal mode: you can hear the ambient sounds like you don’t wear the headphones, Voice mode: you can notice voice and announcement around you with unnecessary noise cancellation.

Quick Attention: simple operation, quick to communicate around you

Covering and holding the entire surface of touch sensor control panel, the headphones import all ambient sounds and turn down the music volume automatically. You can react announcement and conversation quickly without removing the headphones.

DSEE HX upscales your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality (*2)

SBC / AAC / Qualcomm® aptX™ / LDAC™ Codec supported

LDAC allows you to enjoy high-resolution audio content in exceptional sound quality near to high-resolution audio with BLUETOOTH connection (*3)

High-Resolution Audio compatible

You can enjoy High-Resolution Audio by using the included headphone cable and turning on the power, and you can also listen to the music with the cable even if the battery runs out.

Touch sensor control panel for easy operation and activating smartphone’s voice assistant (*4)

Swivel folding design makes travel easy

One-touch connection with Near Field Communication (NFC)

Voice guidance

*1The Ambient Sound Mode allows you to hear the ambient sound around you, but it may not enable all of the ambient sound to be audible. When you play music loudly or depending on the surroundings, you may not hear the ambient sound.

*2Activated only when connecting using codecs other than LDAC with a BLUETOOTH connection.

*3When transmitting High-Resolution Audio in 990 kbps.

*4You will no longer be able to use the touch sensor in case of turning off the unit. The remote control operation and volume adjustment for playing music can be operated only with a BLUETOOTH connection.