Available operating time

The available operating times of the headset on a fully-charged battery are as follows:

  • Wireless connection

    Music Playback time [SBC/AAC]: Max. 22 hours (NC ON)/Max. 24 hours (NC OFF)

    Music Playback time [aptX]: Max. 20 hours (NC ON)/Max. 22 hours (NC OFF)

    Communication time: Max. 20 hours (NC ON)/Max. 20 hours (NC OFF)

    Standby time: Max. 20 hours (NC ON)/Max. 40 hours (NC OFF)

    This headset can be used for about 3 hours after 1 hour charging.

  • Wired connection (Power on): Max. 20 hours (NC ON)


  • Usage hours may be shorter depending on the Codec and the conditions of use.