Error Messages


  • Error codes are subject to change or addition.
Error codes Description
0x10 to 0x12 A problem was found with the selected update package. Download the update package again.
0x13 Update could not be executed using the selected update package (version rollback is not supported).
0x14 The version of the software you are using does not support the format of the package you are trying to update.
Use the latest version.
0x20 to 0x23 An applicable device for the selected update package could not be found.
Check the device status and connection, and execute the update again.
For details about connecting, see “Connecting devices” in “Preparation.”
0x24 An IP address on a different network segment was configured.
Connect the computer on which this software is installed to the same network segment as the target device to be updated.
0x25 An IP address for which update cannot be executed was configured. Check the IP address of the device, and execute the update again.
If the 4th octet (D part in A.B.C.D) of the IP address is “0” or “255,” execute the update as described in “Connecting devices” in the “Preparation” topic.
0x30 to 0x40 Update could not finish successfully. Turn the device off and on again, check the connection, and execute the update again.