Portable Wireless ServerWG-C20

Connecting an NFC-enabled smartphone/tablet and starting File Manager

Install File Manager on your NFC-enabled smartphone/tablet by the procedure in Installing File Manager on an NFC-enabled smartphone/tablet beforehand.

Important !

The following message is displayed when you start up File Manager.

"The PWS is vulnerable to unauthorized access because security is not enabled for its Wi-Fi connection. Select WPA2 for the security type in the Security settings."

For details on security settings, see Setting the Wi-Fi security using File Manager .

  1. Turn on this unit.
  2. Touch your NFC-enabled smartphone/tablet against the (NFC touch point) of this unit.

    When the Home screen of File Manager is displayed, the connection has been established.


  • It may take several minutes for initial setup of this unit when you use this unit for the first time.
  • It is recommended that you insert an SD card (FAT32, 30 MB or more free space) to the unit before performing an initial setup. If an error occurs during the initial setup, the state before the initial setup will be automatically recovered from the SD card.