Notes on waterproof and dustproof features

Waterproof and dustproof performance of the speaker

The speaker, with the cap closed securely, has a waterproof specification of IPX7*1 as specified in “Degrees of protection against water immersion” of the IEC60529 “Ingress Protection Rating (IP Code)”*3, and a dustproof specification of IP6X*2 as specified in “Degrees of protection against solid foreign objects”*3.

Liquids that the waterproof performance specifications apply to

Applicable fresh water, tap water, pool water
Not applicable liquids other than the above (soapy water, water with detergent or bath agents, shampoo, hot spring water, salt water, etc.)

*1 IPX7 equivalency: The speaker has been tested to and maintains its operability when gently submersed in water to a depth of 1 m (3.2 ft) and left for 30 minutes.

*2 IP6X equivalency: The speaker has been tested to and continues to block dust after stirring for 8 hours in a testing device which contains dust particles that are up to 75 μm in diameter.

*3 The supplied accessories and the connectors of this unit (USB) are neither waterproof nor dustproof. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shocks, do not expose the speaker to water or droplets while using either or both of the connectors (USB). Do not place a vase or any other liquid-filled container on the speaker.

The waterproof and dustproof performance of the speaker is based on our measurements under the conditions herein described. Note that malfunctions as a result of water immersion or dust intrusion caused by misuse by the customer are not covered by the warranty.

To avoid the deterioration of waterproof and dustproof performance

Check the following and use the speaker correctly.

  • This speaker does not have a design that is resistant to water pressure. Use of the speaker in a location where high water pressure is applied, such as in the shower, may cause a malfunction.

  • Do not pour high-temperature water or blow hot air from a hair dryer or any other appliance on the speaker directly. Also never use the speaker in a place subject to high temperatures, such as in a sauna or near a heat source.

  • Handle the capwith care. The cap plays a very important role in maintenance of the waterproof and dustproof performance. When using the speaker, make sure that the cap is closed completely. When closing the cap, be careful not to allow foreign objects inside. If the cap is not closed completely the waterproof and dustproof performance may deteriorate and may cause a malfunction of the speaker as a result of water or dust particles entering the speaker.

    Illustration showing the location of the cap