Parts and controls

Illustration showing the locations of the buttons and strap holes on the wireless speaker

Illustration showing the strap and the locations of the port and cap on the wireless speaker

  1. (power) button with indicator

  2. CHARGE indicator

  3. (BLUETOOTH) button with indicator/ST PAIR (Stereo Pair) button with indicator

  4. (play) button/(call) button

  5. -/+ (volume) buttons

  6. MIC (Microphone)

  7. Upper strap hole/Lower strap hole

  8. DC IN 5V port (USB Type-C®)*

    The built-in battery of the speaker can be charged when connected to an AC outlet via the supplied USB Type-C cable and a USB AC adaptor (commercially available).

  9. Cap

  10. Strap

* This port is not compatible with music playback.