Using Ambient Sound Mode

You can enjoy music while monitoring ambient sounds.

Use the IER-NW500N/NW500NE when you use Ambient Sound Mode. Do not use headphones that are incompatible with Ambient Sound Mode.

  1. Select the headphones that are compatible with Ambient Sound Mode.

    On the playback screen, tap and then [Settings]. Then, select the [IER-NW500N/NE] from the pull-down menu under [Headphones].

  2. Turn on Ambient Sound Mode.

    After you select the headphones, tap [Ambient Sound Mode]. The setting menu for Ambient Sound Mode will appear. Tap the Ambient Sound Mode switch to turn on the function.

    will appear in the information area.

  3. Adjust the settings for Ambient Sound Mode, if necessary.
    • [Ambient Sound Level]:
      You can adjust the monitoring level of ambient sound.

To turn off Ambient Sound Mode

  1. Tap the menu items in the following order.

    – [Settings] – [Ambient Sound Mode] ([Headphones]).

  2. Tap the Ambient Sound Mode switch to turn off the function.


  • A shortcut is available for Ambient Sound Mode. You can tap on the [Settings] screen to turn the Ambient Sound Mode on or off.
  • Select [MDR-NW750N/NE] or [Other Headphones] to use headphones that do not support Ambient Sound Mode.


  • Note that a howling sound may be produced in the following situations. Do not cover the microphone parts on the headphones. ()

    • You are using incompatible headphones.
    • You cover the microphone part while you are using Ambient Sound Mode.
    • You hold the headphones in your hands while you are using Ambient Sound Mode.

  • Depending on the surrounding environment or the volume of the ambient sounds, Ambient Sound Mode may turn off temporarily. This is not a malfunction. Adjust the level setting for Ambient Sound Mode ([Ambient Sound Level]). It may improve the problem.
  • When you disconnect the headphones from the Walkman, turn off Ambient Sound Mode beforehand.
  • If you cannot hear the ambient sounds well, try changing [Ambient Sound Level]. This setting may improve the level of the ambient sounds.
  • Depending on the surrounding environment, a rubbing noise may be noticeable. (Rubbing noise refers to a noise generated when the headphone cable rubs against clothing or when hair rubs against the headphones, etc.) In this case, adjust [Ambient Sound Level]. The rubbing noise may be reduced.
  • Ambient Sound Mode is disabled while the following functions are active.
    • The USB-DAC function
    • The FM radio function
    • The Noise Canceling function

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.