Setting your PC for operating from a smartphone, iPhone, etc. as a controller (Windows 8.1)

By operating from a controller such as smartphone, iPhone, etc. on your home network, you can enjoy music stored in a Windows 8.1 PC on your home network with the home audio system.

To operate the Windows 8.1 PC after downloading SongPal on the smartphone, iPhone, etc., follow the steps below.

  1. Click or tap at the bottom-left of the Start screen.
  2. Select [Windows Media Player].

  3. Click or tap [Stream], then select [More streaming options].

    If [More streaming options] does not appear, select [Turn on media streaming...]. Then select [Turn on media streaming] on the [Media streaming options] screen.

  4. If all devices are allowed, select [Next].

    If not all devices are allowed, select [Allow All], then the [Allow All Media Devices] screen appears.

    Select [Allow all PCs and Media Devices].

  5. Check that [Music] is set to [Shared], then select [Next].

  6. Select [Finish] to close the screen.
  7. Select [Stream], then check that [Automatically allow devices to play my media...] has been checked.

    The setting is now complete. You can listen to music stored in your PC, using your smartphone, iPhone, etc.