Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

AF Micro Adj.

Allows you to adjust and register an autofocused position for each lens, when using an A-mount lens with the Mount Adaptor LA-EA2 or LA-EA4 (sold separately).

  1. Select MENU (Custom Settings)[AF Micro Adj.].
  2. Select [AF Adjustment Set.][On].
  3. [amount] → desired value.
    • You can select a value between −20 and +20. The larger the value you select, the farther the autofocused position will be from the product. The smaller the value you select, the closer the autofocused position will be to the product.


  • It is recommended that you adjust the position under actual shooting conditions.
  • When you attach a lens for which you have already registered a value, the registered value appears on the screen. [±0] appears for lenses for which a value has not yet been registered.
  • If [−] is displayed as the value, then a total of 30 lenses have been registered and no new lens can be registered. To register a new lens, attach a lens for which the registration can be erased, and set its value to [±0], or reset the values of all the lenses using [Clear].
  • The [AF Micro Adj.] supports Sony, Minolta, or Konica-Minolta lenses. If you perform [AF Micro Adj.] with lenses other than the supported lenses, the registered settings for the supported lenses may be affected. Do not perform [AF Micro Adj.] with an unsupported lens.
  • You cannot set [AF Micro Adj.] individually for a Sony, Minolta, and Konica-Minolta lens of the same specification.