Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

Installing PlayMemories Home

  1. Using your computer's Internet browser, go to the URL below and download PlayMemories Home by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Connect the product to your computer using the micro USB cable (supplied), then turn the product on.
    • New functions may be added to PlayMemories Home. Even if PlayMemories Home has already been installed on your computer, connect this product and your computer again.
    • Do not remove the micro USB cable (supplied) from the camera while the camera is in operation or the access screen is displayed. Doing so may damage the data.

    A: To the Multi/Micro USB Terminal
    B: To the USB jack of the computer


  • Log on as Administrator.
  • It may be necessary to restart your computer. When the restart confirmation message appears, restart the computer following the instructions on the screen.
  • DirectX may be installed depending on your computer’s system environment.


  • For details on PlayMemories Home, refer to the Help of PlayMemories Home or the PlayMemories Home support page ( (English only).