Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6300

About Scene Recognition

Scene Recognition operates in [Intelligent Auto] mode and [Superior Auto] mode.

This function allows the product to automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot the image.

Scene Recognition:

When the product recognizes certain scenes, the following icons and guides are displayed on the first line:

  • (Portrait)
  • (Infant)
  • (Night Portrait)
  • (Night Scene)
  • (Backlight Portrait)
  • (Backlight)
  • (Landscape)
  • (Macro)
  • (Spotlight)
  • (Low Light)
  • (Night Scene using a tripod)
  • (Hand-held Twilight)

Image processing:

[Cont. Shooting], [Slow Sync.], [Auto HDR], [Daylight Sync.], [Slow Shutter], [Hand-held Twilight]


  • When [Smile/Face Detect.] is set to [Off], the [Portrait], [Backlight Portrait], [Night Portrait] and [Infant] scenes are not recognized.